Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wu Fei & Erik Friedlander @ The Stone 10/28/08

I went home and took care of my cat and then went back out again to The Stone. I just couldn’t resist what looked to be an incredible show. It sure was. In a word, SOULFUL. I mean, really full of soul! Stellar, touching music. For the most part, it seemed like each of them would start one of their songs and the other would fall in with their own improvisational accompaniment. It was superb. I had to buy Wu Fei’s cd after that. It has Fred Frith and Carla Kihlstedt on it. I was blown away by her singing, which really touched my soul.

I also realized how guitar-like that big guzheng can be. She even played the slide for a bit. I think Erik made it even more soulful and brought it out with Wu.

They are playing together again at Barbes soon. Hopefully there will be more opportunities as they fit really well together. I love the cd I got, but live was even better.

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