Monday, November 3, 2008

Improv Night @ The Stone 10/31/08

All week, I looked at all of my options and the only thing I wanted to do for Halloween was go to Improv Night. I walked in at 10pm and they were already on. I chose to stand in the way back. It was Eyal Maoz and Wu Fei and it was excellent. When I walked in, there was lots of strumming going on and Wu was singing.

The next one is a little fuzzy. It was definitely Ned Rothenberg and Marty Erlich on clarinets. I think it was just them for this piece and the next one had Wu Fei, a drummer named Eric, Robert Suddath, and someone else. That was the 2 pieces, or they all played together for the 2nd piece.

Next was Ches Smith, Nate Wooley, and a great bassist I’m not sure if I’ve seen before or not. He seemed like he would go well with Ches.

Then, Nate was walking downstairs and we hear Zorn tell him he can play with them on the next one if he plays it like a trumpet. That was kind of funny. I do think I’ve seen him play more “not like a trumpet” than “like a trumpet”, but either way, he’s great. It was those 2, Rothenberg on alto, and Erlich/Suddath on tenors.

Then we had Ben Gerstein on guitar, Eric on drums and I’m not sure who else, I think one more.

Next Wu Fei and Rob Suddath.

After that was Ches Smith, the bass player, and I think Marty Erlich.

The last one before the grand finale was Eyal Maoz, Nate Wooley, Ned Rotheberg, and Eric the drummer.

Then, everyone up for the big finish.

It was all great, I had a little more trouble paying attention to the details because I was in the back, worried about the door slamming and complaining to myself if people were talking back there or coming and going a lot. Serves me right for not getting there a little early to get my seat up front. I did have an option at the first break to sit in the other front row, but at the time I thought I’d prefer to stand in the back.

Regardless of my vague memory, the music was as great as always.

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