Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Munich 10/6/08

I was very impressed that my friend in Munich was able to find some good music on Mon, the day after Octoberfest ended. I got off the train at 8:30 and she whisked me off to the concert. Actually, I had options like getting food, etc and I chose the music route.

It turned out to be a 3 band concert at a place called Feirwerk Orangehouse. It was about the size of Sullivan Hall. They were Indie Bands and pretty good. It was also nice to take a break from jazz as well.

The first band was Kristoffer Ragnstam from Gothenburg Sweden. We got there in the middle of their set. They were pretty good. They were more on the rock side of Indie Rock. I enjoyed it a lot and gave my friend kudos for finding something good on a Mon.

There was a short setbreak and then the next band from Reykjavik, Iceland called Borca came on. The first song was beautiful. They had 2 guitars, drums, 2 trumpets, and a bass. I thought they were good, but it got old after a while. The electronic samples that played over all the sound started getting irritating. It all started sounding the same. It might have been the mix. The last song was fun and a bunch of people joined them at the end playing different percussion and such. It turned out that was the next band.

Another short setbreak and then the last band, also from R
eykjavik, Seabear came on. That was great. They had a lot of interesting instruments. One girl played the violin and a harmonica with horns. There were 2 guitars and a bass. They had the same drummer and trumpet from the previous band. There was also a girl that played keys, langspil, toy autoharp, and some percussion. One of the guitars also played an accordion-type thing, no keys, it looked like a wooden box that fo. For the last song, the 2nd band came out toward the end and sang with them.

Seabear did an encore. The main guy was tuning up and then started playing a few bars of Louie Louie. He then decided they may as well go with it, and the band played it for a bit. It was a lot of fun. Then they did the real encore which was good.

I'm so glad to get something different. I don't tend to explore Indie so much because you'd have to go through a lot of bad bands to get to the good ones.

We did try to go to Jazzbar Vogler for the Mon night jazz jam after that, at around midnight, but the jam was over. We decided to stay and have a drink and I liked the vibe and the place.

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