Thursday, October 22, 2009

Som @ Nublu 10/16/09

I found about this when I was leaving The Stone. Tablas, mandalin, soprano sax/flute. What's not to love? They also had a keyboard player, a drummer, an amazing bongo player, and 2 special guests. One was a vocalist for the 1st portion of the 1st piece. The other played a classical Indian instrument that is similar to a canartic violin. I see it's called a sarangi. It was awesome and a lot of fun. I can't get over how great the mandolin was. They were all awesome. It was a very good move on my part.

Maestro Snehasish Mozumder - Mandolin & SOM in ConcertPresented by Liftoff Records
Host: HARMONYOM - Indian Classical Music - New York
Type: Music/Arts - Concert
Friday, October 16, 2009
Time: 9:30pm - 11:30pm
Location: NuBLu
Street: 62 Avenue C (Between 4/5 Street)

Liftoff Records presents Snehasish Mozumder - doubleneck mandolin and SOM in concert.

Fantastic performance tonight from Som with special guest Ramesh Misra on Sarangi!

Snehasish Mozumder - doubleneck mandolin
Sameer Gupta - tabla
Vin Scialla - drums, frame drums
Nick Gianni - saxophone, flute
Bopa King Carre - bongos, percussion
Aaron Whitby - piano, keys

SOM recently performed at Lincoln Center Festival.
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Snehasish Mozumder, an exploratory string virtuoso, expands the boundaries of the mandolin instrument. Classical and jazz fusion’s Snehasish Mozumder’s double-neck mandolin is at the center of a band SOM, that swings it North Indian style. His talent comes from the sublime human voice he coaxes from his instrument - be it an Indian melody, a haunting Celtic rendering or something completely different. He, together with his guest accompanists, improvises on North Indian classical style ragas shaped around harmonious melodies. His bassy North Indian vocal phrasings elevate his music beyond global boundaries. A highlight of Snehasish’s career includes sharing the stage with musicians such as Eric Clapton while in Ravi Shankar’s Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall Concert For George in 2002. He hit Andy Donnelly’s Top Ten in Penguin Eggs Magazine and is among a new generation of recognized Indian classical musicians coming from the Indian subcontinent today. Snehasish enthusiastically shares his talent and innovations with diverse artists and audiences all over the world and is regularly on tour in Europe and the US.

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