Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dafnis Prieto @ Jazz Standard 10/9/09

I still had another show in me, I just needed the right one. This was the perfect choice. Also, I loved the idea of seeing another MTO member, Peter Apfelbaum. It was so worth it! It was as great as Dafnis's projects always are. They were celebrating a cd release that they recorded at Jazz Standard. They also played some new stuff. 2 new pieces, entitled "Blah blah blah" and "Blah blah", are meant to illustrate the bridge of Cuba and NOLA, that was always there. I thought they were great and a success. Its nice to be home.

Friday - Sunday October 9 - 11

Dafnis Prieto “Si o Si” Quartet
Peter Apfelbaum – tenor saxophone

Manuel Valera – piano

Charles Flores – bass

Dafnis Prieto – drum

Live at Jazz Standard, due out in September 2009, by Dafnis Prieto and his “Si o Si” Quartet is simply one of the best albums ever recorded in our room. Apfelbaum, Valera, and Flores play as one voice on Dafnis’ soulful compositions, riding Dafnis’ tricky, fast-flowing rhythmic currents with grace and assurance. On this album, Dafnis Prieto achieves his stated goal: “To have the opportunity of bringing your own ideas, to enrich the way, to awake the beauty of music itself.”

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