Saturday, October 17, 2009

Improv Night @ The Stone 10/11/09

It was an extra special one. I only went to the first set. Wow! I'm not sure if I can remember it all. They were recording and there was a little less music than on other Improv Nights, but it was phenomenal.

It started with Sylvie Courvoissier, Ned Rothenberg on clarinet and Ikue Mori. I was in a great front row seat, I think 2 in from the left. I could see everything, including what Ikue was doing with the keyboard. Ohh, now I get it. I don't know what I thought before. I think I just thought she only used the mouse and maybe the arrow keys. She does that at times, but she also has sounds programmed into the keys. It was very interesting to watch and listen, even though I couldn't see the screen. She also has a little electronics board that she was using at times. Sometimes she was turning a knob while hitting a key. I'm going to have to start paying more attention.

Next we had Jeremiah Cymerman on clarinet, Evan Parker on tenor and Peter Evans on trumpet. It was somewhat out there for the first portion and got a little closer to Earth as time went on. It was great.

Then it was Lucus Ligeti on percussion, mainly glockenspiel, Okyuung Lee on cello, Marty Erlich on alto sax and Clarinet, and Eyal Maoz on guitar. Eyal played quietly and greatly. I'm often accustomed to him playing avant-noise. It was so cool to watch Lucus. He had many interesting ways of playing the glockenspiel. He had a whole set of mallots and sticks. He also had an interesting metal cylinder he would play from time to time. It had a cool lingering sound when he rubbed it a certain way after hitting it.

The grand finale with everyone was awesome! I loved it all, but couldn't stick around for the 2nd set.

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