Monday, October 19, 2009

David S. Ware @ Abrons Art Center 10/15/09

Stunning! Stellar! Awesome! These aren't even quite the right words to capture how magnificent it was. This guy is leagues beyond anyone else. Given how much brilliance there is out there, that's saying a lot.

He started on the saxella. The sound is similar to a soprano, but maybe not as high. Its hard to say because I would have to hear David on the soprano to really know.

After an amazing piece he moved on to the stricht. I don't think I ever saw one before. The sound seemed like a hybrid between the saxella and the tenor. It was amazing.

The final piece was on the tenor. It was unbelievable.

I believe he did each piece with circular breathing.

There were lots of cameras. Hopefully this 40 minute set of incredible greatness will make it out somewhere at some point.

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