Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rothenberg, Waterman, Morie @ The Stone 9/11/09

I'm catching up after a great 3 week trip to Europe. I wrote up my NYC shows before I left, but I'm just getting to posting them now.

This was improvisation at it's best!

The music was phenomenal. Waterman has the typical bow and a very interesting and different bow. The thing you hold is curved and the hairs are much more slack than a regular straight bow. There's also more hairs, so it's a little wider. I was fascinated watching him play it. The sound was more loose, like the strings. Alex is amazing no matter what he is doing.

Ikue is also incredible. She's basically providing a whole different type of sound and makes it mesh in with whoever she is playing with. I have definitely gained a lot more respect for using the laptop as an instrument from attending her shows.

Ned is the one who got me interested in the bass clarinet. I've been watching him for years now and I'm still deeply impressed. He also played the clarinet and that tribal reed. He's amazing. He did something so cool where he was playing with this awesome repetitive groove that caught me. I was so caught up I was able to see how after playing it for a bit he gradually morphed it into something totally different. It was really great.

That's the type of show The Stone is made for! It was awesome!

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