Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jazz Jam @ Bei Ernst, Berlin 9/24

One more stop, one more berg. Berlin really is an awesome place for music. This was a nice little spot in the Wedding section of town. I took a cab there and had them call me a cab to take back. It came pretty quickly. The place has a nice vibe, it's nice and tiny, and the owner is extremely nice. The drink prices are also pretty low. I had a great time and enjoyed my last show in Berlin. The music was good, but not at the level of what I saw at B-Flat. I was very happy when I saw that same guy from the night before, the one who plays bass and drums and clarinet show up. He played bass and drums this time.

Before the jam a trio played. That was fun also. For the jam there was a piano and an alto as well.

Here's a picture of the space from the website

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