Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Don Cherry Tribute @ Babylon, Berlin 9/22/09

This was stellar! I had no idea what to expect, I just knew by the title that I wanted to be there.

There was a trumpet and tenor out front. There were more back in the orchestra. There was one drummer and one percussionist. The rest of the orchestra was 3 violins, a cello, a lead viola/violin, 4 reeds, 3 trumpets, a trombone, and a bass trombone.

The whole thing was phenomenal. There was one piece where there were lots of long drum solos that was especially outstanding.

And the night was still young ...

Jürgen Scheele & Independent Jazz Orchestra: "The Earth is A Drum"-Suite
Dedicated to the memory and honour of Don Cherry:

Jürgen Scheele, arrangements, conductor

Matthias Harig, Greg Bowen, Christian Grabandt, trumpets
Simon Harrer, Sören Fischer, Otwin Zipp, trombones
Gregoire Peters, Norbert Nagel, Walter Gauchel, Rolf Römer, saxes
Johannes Gunkel, bass
Thomas Alkier, drums

Special guests:
Jens Winther, trumpet
Dudu Tucci, drums, percussion
Alan Skidmore, saxes

Strings: Anti von Klewitz, Daniel Friedrichs, Valentin Gregor, Rainer Korff

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