Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mobile Blues Club, Hamburg

A friend of mine in Hamburg puts together a New to Hamburg guide book once a year. He offered to take a few of us out to see where the locals go. It was awesome. He knows I'm big on live music, so after dinner he took us to the truly awesome live music venue. Its a trailer. It has a stage area, a bar, a few seats on the side, and a standing area. There's an outdoor area with some nice Christmas lights and tables. In the back of the yard/garden area is the bathroom trailer. I am incredibly impressed with how well they were able to make an oversized port-a-poddy look. It has a candle and mood-lighting and ambiance.

Due to jetlag and the workshop the next day, we couldn't stay out long enough to hear the live music. It was awesome to sit outside and have a drink and listen to the phenomenal old Delta blues they were playing on the system. I think this place belongs in Williamsburg. Awesome!



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