Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Han Bennink @ Drom 10/26/09

It was stellar. Han played just one snare drum and whatever was immediately around him, the chair, the floor, the drumstick in his mouth, etc. Michael Moore played sax, clarinet, and bass clarinet. He was phenomenal. Will Holshouser on accordion was equally great. It wasn't that out there, but definitely creative. Sometimes there would be an Irish jig or some other structured, familiar music in the middle of a piece. There were some quieter moments, but also a lot of lively moments that had me dancing.

It was about two 40 minute sets. Good stuff!

Sun 10/25:
Han Bennink, Will Holshouser & Michael Moore at DROM
@ 7pm, $12
Ever since the demise of the legendary Trio Clusone (Han Bennink, Michael Moore and Ernst Reijseger) in 1998, the scene has been anxiously awaiting a vehicle for the composer/arranger Michael Moore and the raucous Han Bennink to carry on with the unique melodic, harmonic and at times rambunctious music that transported and delighted audiences for years. Finally, Han and Michael found the ideal "Third Man", accordionist Will Holshouser. They made their debut tour in March 2008 through Europe and enjoyed themselves thoroughly. The Third Man Trio will be touring the USA in October 2009 and will be recording the first of what will assuredly be many blissful and exuberant albums.

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