Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jazz Jam @ B-Flat, Berlin 9/23/09

I made it to the jam session in Mitte a little before 11:30pm. I was walking toward the door when I heard someone ask a guy when he was going to play and he said midnight. At that moment, I see the great Jim Black standing by the door and the guy who was speaking said "this is my friend Jim". Oh yeah! I found out a little later the speaker was Kurt Rosenwinkel.

The jazz was awesome, even before Jim and Kurt came up. It was very hot in there, but it was worth sticking around. At one point, I saw a seat open up way up front, so I went for it. Right after I got up there, Jim and Kurt and bassist took the stage. The pianist who played the last piece, stayed up. I was so glad because he was awesome. A female singer came up as well. The guy who was playing bass in the last piece got out a clarinet. We also had 2 soprano saxes and a trombone. I think a tenor and alto. The first piece they did was an awesome jazz tune. The 2nd was a blown away amazing blues tune. It was so awesome to see Kurt play it. The clarinet was quite impressive, also. Of course, I enjoyed everyone up there when I could tear my attention away from Jim.

That was all I needed so I left after that. I did see the guy who played upright bass and then clarinet get on the drums. I thought he was quite talented and interesting.

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