Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jazz Jam @ Birdland, Hamburg 9/17/09

The workshop was in Hamburg, Germany. I spent the 1st week there. I again found myself at Birdland on Thurs night for the jazz jam. I had jetlag, so I didn't make it out until the last set. I was there from around 11pm-12:30.

They were on break when I got there. I don't quite understand setbreaks for jam sessions. There's usually plenty of people who want to play, so why is there a gap? I figure maybe there is some overlap in players or something.

It was pretty good. It started with a good guitar, bass, drums, and piano. They were soon joined by an alto sax. Later, a trumpet joined in and the guitar left soon after. It was all very enjoyable and I'm glad I went.

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