Saturday, October 17, 2009

Moodswing Orchestra @ LPR 10/9/09

That's what I'm talking about! This is my kind of music! I was especially blown away by Ben Perowsky and Doug Weiselman. That's not saying much because everyone was stellar. I don't remember much else except I loved it from start to finish.

The Show:
The Moodswing Orchestra is:
Ben Perowsky
DJ Olive
Steven Bernstein
Doug Weiselman
Glenn Patsch
Danny Blume
Jonathan Marin
TK Wonder
Jennifer Charles

The CD:

Perowsky's latest creation is a collaboration with a large selection of artists he has been working with recently. This combination of songsters and improvisors gives a unique blend of n.y.c.'s finest cream of the crop players, under the direction and manipulation of their - normally kicking out the beats - friend at the drums.

Ben Perowsky . drums.bells.sincussion.voice
Glenn Patscha . electric/acoustic piano.comb.voice 04
Markus Miller . turntables.electronics.dial tones
Oren Bloedow . bass.voice 04
Marcus Rojas . tuba.voice.air
Doug Weiselman . clarinet.bass clarinet.wooden flute 07
Steven Bernstein . trumpet
Pamelia Kurstin . theremin
Jennifer Charles . voice 03,08
Miho Hatori . voice 06
Elyas Khan . voice 05
Joan Wasser . voice 01
Bebel Gilberto . voice 04

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