Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Funk Jam @ Dot Club, Berlin 9/22/09

There was a break to set up for the funk jam. I was excited to see what that would be like. I was really in the mood to get down.

It started off rather slow, not funky enough for me. I stuck it out because I thought there was potential for it to get funkier as the night went on. There were an awful lot of singers, which was disappointing for me.

It did get better after a while, closer to what I was looking for. There was only one piece that REALLY had what I wanted. It was the one that was led by drums and percussion. The singer that came up for that one was awesome.

Earlier there was a great guitar, but the piano was killing the groove by playing jazz. He kept starting each piece and was getting on my nerves.

There was also a fun beatbox vocalist who came up from time to time.

There were some other good moments. If I wasn't into something, they were always changing people so it didn't last long. I was definitely having fun and stayed out til 3am. I think they were winding it down when I left.

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