Thursday, October 22, 2009

Evan Parker, Tim Berne, Earl Howard @ The Stone 10/16/09

I was in the mood for more saxophones, and this would definitely deliver. I was able to get an awesome seat by arriving way early. It was in the other front row, but the way they arranged themselves made it the best place.

Earl mainly played the synthesizer. For most of the 1 hour set, Evan and Tim were on each side of Earl, placed in a way that most people could see. They did one awesome piece like that. Then, Evan walked around to face Earl and played into a mic. Earl then processed his sound. That was quite interesting. Then another piece with the 3. Toward the end of that piece, Tim walked to the spot in front of Earl and they did a little processing. Then a great piece where Earl also picked up his alto and that was really great. Then we had a duo with Tim and Earl with Earl processing. Then one last trio piece.

It was awesome. I saw Ikue Mori show up for the 2nd set with her equipment. I heard later that Evan did a 20 min solo without pausing, circular breathing, and then he played with Ikue. I wasn't there, though.

I love The Stone because it gives me a chance to find out about even more greats. I'm so glad I made it to 3 of the Evan Parker sets. There were a bunch of people in there who made it to every single one. That added to the specialness.

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