Thursday, July 3, 2008

Rashu Aten: Sacred Healing Gongs @ The Stone 7/1/08

This was different. On my Italy trip last year, we were treated to some gongs outside on the last night. It was pretty cool. That night, Massimo had lots of gongs and singing bowls placed in an area and he moved around a lot holding them and playing them.

The other night at The Stone, Rashu had an instrument he created with 8 gongs in half and octave hanging together on 3 horizontal metal poles. He played about 4 or 5 songs with titles. It reminded me of some of the percussion drummers use, like cymbals and other metal. I liked how it sounded. The crowd was a little different from the usual Stone crowd. They were more the spiritual healing crowd than the music crowd. Rashu did tell us a lot about the healing power. He also told us how he got into gongs in the first place. He also told us a little about what he learned from his musician friends. One song was dedicated to Lester Bowie, who was a friend of his.

Rashu Aten: Sacred Healing Gongs, CD release from St. Louis
Rashu Aten (gongs)
Rashu plays 8 mounted, chinese gongs chosen for their sound relationships. His instrument “glows and shimmers with a hypnotic repeating wave, pure and cosmic vibrations emanate from the center” (DMG) as he lays serenity on this 2 week series.

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