Thursday, July 17, 2008

Improv Night Part II 7/16/08

Yes, I made it to both shows. How could I not? I was also very curious how they do the whole night. Do some artists come late? Do they do any of the same mashups?

Anthony Coleman was now there and we lost the bass clarinet. The mashups were all different. It was also phenomenal.

Before the show, I was talking to a singer in the audience. As we were talking, I got to my usual lamentation about missing Tonic and she told me John Zorn just told her there's a venue opening that is supposed to fill the void. Boy did I perk up. That's all she knew, but I'm sure I'll find out soon enough.

It started off with Coleman and Erlich and of course it was great. I'm so glad Erlich got a chance to shine. In the first gig you could tell he was great and adding a lot but it was nice to get him in a duo.

Then we got a really great band: Zorn, Maoz, Pride, and Blumenkranz.

After that. was a stellar performance with Syllvie, Cyro, and Jeremiah. At one point Cyro brought his shaky thing connected by cord over to the piano and started jamming with Sylvie.

I also should mention that Cyro broke out more percussion stuff for the 2nd show.

Then we got a phenomenal solo performance by Shanir.

The next one is fuzzy, but I think it was Coleman, Pride, and Cymerman.

Then Sylvie, Shanir, and Eyal.

That was nice right before the big jam at the end. Coleman didn't feel like sharing the piano, so he and Sylvie took turns.

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