Monday, July 28, 2008

Airto @ Dizzy's 7/27/08

I'm glad I made it to the last set of this run. I had to wait in the no reservation line, and I didn't get my exact spot, but I found a better spot. It's the seat right in front of the sound guy. That's where the guests and no cover jazz people sit. I only sit before the show starts and then there's more room to dance a little to the left of the sound guy. It's on the other side of the kitchen door from my old spot. It's good because I don't have to watch so much food go by and I'm not in anyone's way.

We were told in line that Flora wouldn't be there due to an illness in her family. While I always hate to hear any news like that, I was glad to be spared her singing, which is quite different.

It was a great set. Much more straight ahead than what I experienced a few years ago at Telluride Jazzfest. It was funkier and they had more band members at Telluride. I really enjoyed last night. We got a killer drum solo toward the end.

Kenny Werner also got me out. He was his usual greatness. The guitar and bass were pretty good as well.

I found this listing with lots of info when I was looking for the names of the band members this morning.

Airto Moreira with Toninho Horta, Kenny Werner and Mark Egan.

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