Friday, July 25, 2008

Wollesonics @ Roulette 7/24/08

I highly recommend you go tonight since it’s your last chance. They spent 3 days setting up for a 2 night phenomenal performance. Just to see the setup is worth the whopping $15 admission. There’s tons of percussion instruments all over the place and quite a few contraptions that look like they took some time to build. There are about 10 performers or so and it’s mainly awesome percussion. There’s a little bit of trombone at the end. We follow the story of the mouse who heard a sound and was compelled to investigate. I’ve seen earlier versions of this story develop over the past year as Kenny has been using it in his projects. The first time I heard it was around the beginning of the year at Zebulon. He may have started it before that. Now, it’s a pretty elaborate and cool story.

Just go, you won’t be sorry.


Anonymous said...

This was an excellent performance, and I second the recommendation to go see it tonight (Friday) if you haven't yet.

Terri, I just discovered your blog, and I'm really enjoying it, especially looking through the archived posts to see which shows I also went to. I'm also wondering who you are, since we seem to have shared the dance floor at Zeb for the Wollesens back in December--I'm the guy in the Mule shirt who went up to dance with my friend.

-Captain C AKA SubAquaHead

terrig said...

Thanks. I found your SubAquaHead myspace page and I'm enjoying your music. I especially like the banjo stuff. I'll say hi the next time I see you.