Saturday, July 19, 2008

Radio I-Ching @ Otto's Shrunken Head 7/18/08

Originally, I was thinking I'd go up to Lincoln Center for The Budos Band, but then it got too hot. That's kind of good because this was a great show to be at. Otto's is on 14th in between B and C. It's very easy for me to get to, but it's also relatively easy for a lot of people. It was nice to see a good crowd there for an early Fri show. I think they were bringing people over from the bar as well as people like me who came expressly to see them.

I got there around 7:40. I get the impression they started at 7:30 because they played until they were kicked off the stage a few minutes after 9:00. I know they are great, but I forgot how great they are. It's an avant-garde cover band. They do all covers, but all in their own way. I love that. It blends the familiar with something completely new and different.

They also cross all genres in their cover selections. And, they pick great songs to cover to begin with. At one point they did a Duke Ellington followed by the Bad Brains. Both were awesome.

They always had me moving at least a little, but often had me really dancing to the groove or rocking out to the well-done noise.

These are top-notch musicians. Don Fiorino has various guitars, a banjo, and I think he was playing an electric bass when I walked in. He's really talented and very versatile. He also had that lap guitar. He was playing it with a cocktail glass for a time, before he got someone to go to the bar and put some liquor in it.

Andy Haas plays a curved soprano sax the whole time, with pedals and it works really well. Then there's the drums that usually have me going. It's a great combo with very experience musicians.

They sound different with each song, but it's always a great sound. I still love their first cd, and I'm glad I got to pick up the new one last night.

They really didn't want to leave and after the normal time they'd end they did another 4 songs or so. They ended with a Led Zeppelin cover. By that time, the Otto's people were coming over a lot to tell them it's time to go.

Originally, I was thinking I'd go to Jazz Gallery for the 9pm, but that was so much more my style that there was no way I was pulling myself away.

Ottos had the air blasting and it felt really good in there. I didn't feel too cold until toward the end, but it was barable and I get cold very easily. There's a big bar in the front and then the back is just about music. It's a nice setup. They're playing there again on Mon, 8/18, and it's very much worth checking out.

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