Sunday, July 20, 2008

Marcus Roberts Trio @ Dizzy's 7/19/08

Summer is great in NYC. I love staying in town. I got a haircut appt a few hours after I called, and there was no problem getting into Dizzy's without a res. I found out they don't take reservations the day of the show. Often, especially on the weekend, if you don't have a res you have to wait a while in the no res line before getting in. I had no problem getting in early for the 7:30pm set. I went early just in case because I've stood in that line enough and I like my spot over by the kitchen where I can stand next to the chair and dance a little. Most people probably wouldn't want it, but I don't want to risk it. The other bar stool seats get kind of tight.

If I don't get to Dizzy's every now and then I feel some kind of lack. I don't go very often because it's so expensive, far, and it's all straight ahead jazz. I like all jazz, but I can get bored with the regular stuff if I go too often. But, I do believe Dizzy's is guaranteed to have stellar music every single night, so I have to go a few times a year. Also, it's nice to see the view overlooking central park. You see the tops of trees and then the east side skyline. It feels fancy, without being stuffy. They are very nice there.

I didn't know who Marcus Roberts is or what he plays. I just knew that anything with Jason Moran and Roland Guerin is going to be excellent. I love them anyway and that's what brought me there. I loved that set! I was up pretty quickly, it had a nice groove to it.

They started with a song dedicated to Cole Porter and Nat King Cole. I think they played a couple more Cole Porter tunes. I'm not familiar with his music, but probably wouldn't think I'd like it based on no info. I thought he as a showtune guy, but maybe not. I think they did a Duke Ellington tune and some originals. It was all excellent and that hour went by quick!

I'm glad I looked at the listing again. I couldn't remember why I had Marcus Roberts on my list as a potential, but I knew there was some reason why I really wanted to go. I just looked up his bio, I'm wondering why I didn't know about him.

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