Thursday, July 17, 2008

Eri Yamamoto, William Parker, Daniel Carter @ Cornelia St. 7/15/08

So I've been wanting to see her for ages and now I see her twice in one week. Its never a good idea to miss a William Parker show.

Eri told us she had a dream she was playing with Daniel Carter, William Parker, Hamid Drake and Federico something. She told a music industry person, who was at the show, and he made it happen. Hamid and Federico couldn't make it, but those 3 were good enough for me!

It started with an Eri/Carter duo that was superb. Mellow, but completely engaging and wonderful. Then we got an Eri/Parker duo. The song was called "Subway Music" because she wrote it in the subway. She was quick to tell us it wasn't in the Summer. It was an awesome lively song that I loved.

The rest of the 40 min set was the trio. It was great. It seemed closer to straight ahead than some of their other individual projects. I was really into it. I was pretty content so I decided not to stay for the 2nd set.

Eri Yamamoto, piano; William Parker, bass; Daniel Carter , horns

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