Friday, July 4, 2008

Edmar Castañeda Trio @ Jazz Standard 7/2/08

I had this show as a must see for this week. I mean, Castaneda in any form is great, add Jazz Standard, and a trio with drums and trombone and I will do what I can to not miss it.

I can't describe how thrilled I was just seeing the drum setup when I got there. I think there were 5 triangles, some different bells around, lots of chimes, the regular kit, and a hand drum or 2. During the show, the drummer kept pulling out more percussion stuff. It was great.

The trombone was phenomenal. I think that was a great choice. It looks like this is his regular trio and I love the combination he chose.

Edmar was great as usual. I am amazed at his playing and all the different sounds. I kept thinking about the inside of the piano and how similar it might be.

I particularly like this quote that I think was from a press article, that is in the Jazz Standard listing:
"He’s practically a one-man orchestra, the Hendrix—or at least the Charlie Hunter—of the harp, linking a train of complex and richly textured sound to a locomotive of hot pan-American rhythm"

I do wish we would see him in other people's bands as well. I tend to only see him listed with his own projects. I think he would fit in as a side man in many different guises. He would be great in a Herbie Hancock project, or Paul Motion or a thousand others.

Edmar Castaneda – Colombian harp
Marshall Gilkes – trombone
David Silliman – drums

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