Friday, July 4, 2008

Uri Caine Trio @ Village Vanguard 7/2/08

I had stopped by Highline last weekend and got a ticket for the thing with Marc Ribot. It was before I realized the main guy is an Italian singer and it looks like very into "performing". I forgot to check, remembering how I didn't like Aukyton. When I first realized it I thought I could still stop by and check it out, but then I read the listing in The New Yorker and knew it was highly unlikely this show would be my thing. I didn't run into anyone I thought might want the ticket and decided to hit the Vanguard instead, so it went to waste.

I didn't think it would be hard to get into the Uri Caine show at 9pm based on past experiences. I was able to get the front row center awesome seat. I never get that seat, it just worked out. All I have to say is it is worthwhile to get there very early to get that seat. It is better than everywhere else in the place.

I was also thrilled to have Ben Perowsky there. I love him and knew it was unlikely it would be super-mellow like the last time I saw a Uri Caine Trio at the Vanguard. That night a few years ago was great, but I was too tired for that mellow a show.

This show was definitely lively, great jazz. Drew Gress on bass was great as well. There was an awesome drum solo toward the end. The music covered a lot of territory. It got funky at times, more jazzy at times, it was all great.

I think they played for a little over an hour. It was a very pleasant hour and I'm so glad I decided to bail on the Highline show.

Drew Gress-b, Ben Perowsky-d

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