Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Stone 7/26/08

I didn't get my proper nap yesterday, so I was too tired to do much. I was curious about the 8pm set at The Stone, so I figured I'd start there and see how much energy I had. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it through that one set. I did like the sound and would have enjoyed it in spite of the exhaustion. The problem was how loud the bagpipes are in such a small space. I stuck it out as long as I could because it was interesting. But, the bagpipes were overpowering everything and I was incessantly complaining in my head about how loud it was. I tried to move to the back for a bit, but it was just too loud.

I realized there didn't look like any way to quiet them down and they are extremely loud. Louder than anything I've ever heard. Except maybe that bass Bill Laswell was playing at the Highline Scotty Hard benefit. I had to duck out for that as well.

On my way home I bought earplugs. I considered going to Jazz Gallery or Jazz Standard, but I was too tired and was a little afraid of music after that.

The cimbalon was pretty neat looking. It looked like Burr just brought his pedal steel as I didn't see a clarinet in sight. That probably made sense due to the bagpipes.

It was interesting to take note of the bagpipe sound and watch how Matt played them. He had the thing you blow through, but he would take a breath while there was still music coming out, so there was air left. Whenever he started them up for a new song, there was a quieter, lower sound before they got going. I would like to try it again with earplugs sitting in the back and see if it still bothers me then.

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