Monday, June 30, 2008

Emilio Solla’s NY Tango Jazz Project 6/30/08

At almost the last minute, I decided to run up to Jazz Standard for the early set. I've been missing that place lately, and this looked good.

It was great. Each of the musicians were awesome. It was more like a melding of tango, jazz, and latin folk music.

There was a talking drum next to the drum kit and the bass and accordion players did a nice job of adding to the percussion at times by using their instruments as drums.

The whole thing was really well done. Chris Cheek had a tenor, soprano and baritone. He mainly played the soprano and didn't get to the baritone at all. I would have liked that, but it was really good regardless.

I was tempted to stay for the 2nd set, but decided to have an early night.

Emilio Solla’s NY Tango Jazz Project
Emilio Solla – piano & compositions
Chris Cheek – saxophone
Victor Prieto – accordion
Pablo Aslan – bass
Franco Pinna – drums

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