Thursday, June 24, 2010

Caged Funk @ Rose Live 6/17/10

It was billed as a rehearsal gig. Ribot likes to do a live rehearsal gig before touring. That's OK with me - it can get interesting. I do wish he would sandwich the tour between 2 NYC gigs. that would be awesome!

There were some glitches with getting sound out of one of Bernie's keyboards. It was working for a portion of the gig and the other one worked the whole time. There were moments, when it was working, where I would be looking for the horn before realizing it was Bernie. He is the perfect funky organ player for this project.

Brad Jones captivated me often. He was playing the regular electric bass as opposed to the upright electric bass. He was so awesome, whatever he was doing. His super funky bassline was off the hook. His improv in the background of the Bernie take the lead while Marc changes his string was absolutely fantastic. So was everything in between.

I don't know that I've seen the drummer before. He can do it all, as well. Actually, all of them are extremely versatile. He really had me grooving on a few songs when he was playing an African funky groove rhythm on the traps with sticks. It sounded like something I thought could only be done with bare hands. I also liked his avant-garde cymbal playing.

I doubt it could have worked without DJ Logic. He often ended the songs solo. There was one piece where he was playing a record which I assume was a Cage original. They would just have bits of the record play in pauses from the band. Otherwise I don't think you could hear the band. I guess Cage is a classical composer. I'm going to google him at the end of this post. I do wonder what Ribot and Cappelli were doing learning his stuff in the first place.

Yes, the 2 guitars were as great as ever. I stood right in front of Ribot. He is amazing.
I love this project and I hope we get a CD and another gig or more in NYC out of it.

MARC RIBOT's Caged Funk:John Cage looped, hi-jacked, detourned, and scratch mixedThurs June 17, 8pm (doors 7pm)
feat. Bernie Worrell (Parliament Funkadelic) keys, Marc Ribot guitar, Marco Cappelli guitar, Brad Jones bass, DJ Logic turntables, JT Lewis - drums

About the project:In rehearsing for a performance of John Cage's 'Sonata for Two Voices' (1933) at Issue Project Room last winter, guitarist Marco Cappelli and Marc Ribot made a strange discovery. The two guitarists overcame the gap between the rhythmic complexity of the piece and Mr. Ribot's somewhat limited sight reading skills by 'looping' measures: constantly repeating each difficult passage until it became easier. It was in this way they became aware of a strange fact about John Cage's music that would have probably surprised (and possibly dismayed) the composer himself: John Cage was one funky dude. The resulting project, "Caged Funk", is a further exploration of this little known aspect the late composer's work. Artists: feat. Bernie Worrell keys, Marc Ribot guitar, Marco Cappelli guitar, Brad Jones bass, DJ Logic turntables, JT Lewis - drums

Tonight's performance is an open rehearsal.
This work was commissioned by and will be premiered July 8,2010 at the Ludwigsburg Festival 2010 in Germany.

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