Wednesday, June 16, 2010

George Porter & the Runnin Pardners @ Sullivan Hall 6/4/10

I didn't stay too long. It was OK, but not enough to keep me there with the heat. A better strategy might have been to hit the Papa Grows Funk set instead. I heard that was great. It was very hot in there, but I expected it. There were a lot of complaints flying around about the heat. I don't like the venue to begin with, so it wasn't hard to leave.

I enjoyed a little of the sax. The rest of them, including George, weren't doing it for me at all. I stayed for about 5 or 6 songs, most of which I listened to from outside, by the door. I wanted to give it a little time in case it got better. It was OK.

Now, Sullivan Hall did send an apology email and an explanation that something went terribly wrong with the AC that night. They also want to make it up to us by offering free entry to certain future shows. I do think that was a nice gesture. I'm still not crazy about that place, though.

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