Monday, June 28, 2010

Tortoise @ LPR 6/23/10

I previously watched a you tube vid of their gig and thought they would live up to the hype. I only gave them about 15 min, but it was lacking something for me. It was played well, there was something missing, that soul quality. I just couldn't feel it.

Walking in, I heard the doorman telling passers-by it was Indie Rock tonight. I would characterize it more as jamband. They had 2 bass players, 2 drumkits on stage, 2 keyboards on stage, vibes that were sometimes played by a drummer. There were 5 band members, so there was some switching off. I don't think both kits were being used at once while I was there. I didn't actually watch that You Tube vid, I was at work. I just listened to it.

It was also not my preference there was a DJ. He played for almost an hour in between the 2 bands. The music wasn't bad, it's just not what I go for. It was making me stay up later than I wanted to.

Here's that Youtube I was talking about:

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