Monday, June 28, 2010

Aethereal Bace @ LPR 6/23/10

I love this band! It was a simple F Train ride. I'm always amazed how often the F is a simple way to travel between venues.

I just really love this band. It's not just that it's 2 great drummers and a great sax. It's everything they do and how awesome they jam together. A lot of the crowd was into it. There were a lot of talkers in the background, especially when the sax wasn't playing. I was reminded of all the talking during the Allman Brothers long drum solos. It did look like most were really into it, it was just a good amount of talking that you could hear the murmur. Still, I found it pretty easy to ignore.

This band is phenomenal and I hope to see them more often.

Abraham Burton
Eric McPherson
Nasheet Waits
"... a band called Aetherial Bace, with the drummers Eric McPherson and Nasheet Waits and the saxophonist Abraham Burton — New York neighborhood friends since childhood — played off-the-cuff themes and rhythms that sounded like the meeting place between John Coltrane’s port-wine ballads and his later, intense music. They were coordinated and methodical and proceeded in waves."

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