Monday, June 7, 2010

Steve Cardanas Trio @ Jazz Standard 6/1/10

They started off real strong, making me very happy I chose to got to this 2nd set. The tune is called "Burt" and is a tribute to Burt Bacharach. I don't know if Burt ever had super killer super funky bass like Ben Allison treated us to in "Burt". I never really explored Burt's music. All I know is I had to have the CD after I heard it.

Then they did a tune that Steve placed in the "psychedelic cowboy" genre. It was great. Every song was great.

So, the set is almost over and I am loving this trio. We got a lot of tunes that featured Rudy Royston on drums in the 2nd half. It just couldn't get any better. Then, they elevated themselves with bonus points when they finished with a Meters cover! What a drum solo in that!

Steve is a great guitar player and composer. It was a fantastic evening.

The listing:

Steve Cardenas – guitar
Ben Allison – bass
Rudy Royston – drums

Musicians ranging from drummer Paul Motian to singer Kate McGarry know all about Steve Cardenas’ prodigious talent: He’s played on over 35 recordings by other artists, toured Europe extensively, and is the creator (with editor Don Sickler) of The Thelonious Monk Fakebook, the premier collated volume of all known Monk compositions. West Of Middle, Steve Cardenas' third CD under his own name, will be out 5/25/2010 on Sunnyside Records – and shortly thereafter, this exceptional guitarist will hit our stage for a live workout on his new tunes with the same unbeatable rhythm team of Ben Allison and Rudy Royston.

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