Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rothenberg/Waterman/Burgon/Frasconi @ The Stone 6/2/10

This was a great way to start off an insane music month. Every set at The Stone this month is worth seeing. But, Mark Feldman and Sylvie Coivoissier's stellar month is vying with Vision Fest and a bunch of other festivals and amazing shows.

This ensemble just improvised as only they can. They are extremely skilled and thrilling to watch. They also have something that I can really feel.

Ned started on the bass clarinet and picked it up again later close to the end. He played the alto clarinet a few times. On each, he would pick up various baby "tunes", small little pieces a couple of bars long, and groove on it for a bit. It would usually change slightly with each repetition. He was doing other things too, but this slightly repetitive thing tends to catch me. I love it.

I love watching Alex on the cello. He has so many different ways to play it. I love the multitude of sounds.

Shelly was great and I could tell she was a part of the music. It was hard for me to pay attention to her at all, I was so enthralled with the other 3. Whenever I did put my attention purposefully on her, I was very interested. I was usually drawn away quickly by what was happening elsewhere.

It was an excellent set of freely improvised music.

Ned Rothenberg
Ned Rothenberg (sax, shakuhachi) Alex Waterman (cello) Miguel Frasconi (glass instruments) Shelley Burgon (harp, electronics)

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