Sunday, June 27, 2010

Celestial Funk Band @ Drom 6/22/10

Definitely my kind of avant-funk! It definitely got funky, but also turned in other improvised junctures at certain bits. There were some music stands on the stage to guide them through some of it. The last, sort of encore, was straight improv with no music. It wasn't funky, but it sure was fantastic.

Patricia did some vocals a lot during the piece on stage off to the side. She also occasionally did some dance over there. I see from the listing that she did the composition.

There was one piece where everyone contributed to the vocals. Mazz Swift has a great, bluesy voice. Cooper-Moore played the drumheads and started off the vocals in that piece.

There was another piece where Asim Barnes played some awesome Hendrix style guitar at times.

This was a stellar performance and a great way to start my Vision Fest.

Celestial Funk Band
Patricia Nicholson - composition
Kidd Jordan - saxophone
Cooper-Moore - percussions & vocals
Lewis Barnes - trumpet
Mazz Swift - viola
Vernon Reid & Asim Barnes - guitar
William Parker - bass, gimbre & composition
Hamid Drake & Swiss Chris - drums

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