Saturday, June 5, 2010

NY Hieroglyphics @ Jazz Gallery 5/29/10

This was as excellent as ever. Peter played a lot of piano, the tenor sax, some percussion and maybe another horn. Viva and Dave Phelps were on guitar. Marcus Rojas held down the bass line with the tuba. Josh Roseman and a young girl were on the trombones. The trumpet player broke out a thumb piano for a portion of one song. Viva also played some percussion at times. Charlie Burnham gave us his amazingness on violin and it looked like there were a couple of parts where he was playing some kind of percussion (maybe his violin). Dafnis Prieto was the drummer and blew me away as usual. Jessica Jones was on alto. I don't know who that guy was playing the tenor and bass saxes, but he was incredible. Looking at the listing, it must have been Tony Jones.

The music was awesome. Simply amazing. Each solo was killer. There was lots of rhythm and lots of great low sounds. It was quite a set and maybe a little over an hour.

They said the next set would be completely different music. I opted out to get to my next show ...

Peter Apfelbaum - saxophone, piano, & percussion, Peck Allmond - trumpet & reeds, Jessica Jones/Tony Jones - saxophones, Josh Roseman/Natalie Cressman - trombones, Charlie Burnham - violin, Dave Phelps - guitar, Viva DeConcini - guitar, Marcus Rojas -tuba, Dafins Prieto - drums

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