Friday, June 18, 2010

Galactic @ Brooklyn Bowl 6/5/10

They were great. I only lasted for about 45 min, though. I was trying to make it through the summer without air conditioning. That experiment has failed and I now have a window unit. Even though Galactic was on it and awesome, I lacked motivation and energy and had trouble getting into it. So, unlike the night before, it turns out it was me and not necessarily the music.

I was happy when they called out Corey Henry on trombone, they said while he's a special guest, he's been becoming another band member. That would be awesome! He was on stage the entire time I was there. Cyrille was great. He sang an old school funk tune I love, but already forgot. They also had a guitar player come out and they did Manic Depression. It was all great, I could tell, yet I lacked enthusiasm. I just got sick of being there and needed rest in spite of my nice long nap that day.

Oh, and Brooklyn Bowl has great frozen margaritas, which are good to know for the summer. It also wasn't too hot in there.

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