Monday, June 28, 2010

Vision Fest Opening Ceremony @ Abrons 6/23/10

They didn't get started until about 7:15 and proceeded to play 15 min of phenomenal improvisation. Cooper-Moore played his homemade banjo. We had Hamid on the small drum that stands on it's side when at rest. Everyone sat in a line. William did get up to go play some gongs at one point. The music was phenomenal and the invocation told us we are in for another great one. It gelled so nicely. It was also very melodic at times. I loved it.

Opening Ceremony
Patricia Nicholson Parker - dance
William Parker - bass
Matthew Shipp - piano
Roy Campbell, jr - trumpet
Hamid Drake - drums
Rob Brown - alto saxophone
Lewis Barnes - trumpet
Jason Kao Hwang - violin & Viola

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