Friday, August 7, 2009

Sasha Dobson @ Jazz Standard 8/5/09

I've been wanting to see her for a while. I think from watching the listings and she's often on Aaron's sotw list. I only had an idea of the venues she plays and had no sense of what the music would be. When I was assessing the options for the evening and I knew I couldn't get out too early. This was definitely the winner, especially when I saw Charlie Burnham would be playing.

What a great choice and a great follow-up from the night before. It was awesome to see Charlie on the heels of Jenny. He blew me away! he stood while he played, I'm not sure I ever saw him standing for a gig before. I realized that's because I've only seen him play with sitters. He was so awesome and added so much to this great Southern rock/jazz/folk music.

Sasha is yet another singer I like. She also plays the guitar. She reminds me of Nora Jones. I felt kind of like I was witnessing something great in NOLA at d.b.a. She also reminded me of Matt Munisteri in some of the old time type music selections. The music had a nice range, lots of different genres, but all along the Southern sound.

The last song had some awesome lap steel slide guitar. I really wanted to dance for that one. The guitar, bass, and drums were all worthy of being up there. It was a very nice time.

Sasha Dobson - guitar, vocals
Steve Elliot - electric & lap steel guitar, vocals
Charlie Burnham - violin
Neal Minor - bass
Dan Rieser - drums, percussion, vocals

Sasha Dobson was born to sing. The native of Santa Cruz, California was just twelve years old when she made her first appearance at the Monterey Jazz Festival with her late father, pianist Smith Dobson. In 2006, Sasha made a triumphant return to Monterey, this time with her own band and the songs from her enchanting album, Modern Romance (Secret Sun Recordings). Her next CD, a collection of pop/rock Dobson originals entitled Burn, is due out early next year. “A young singer trained in the verities of Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan, Sasha Dobson is starting to make music that’s more about her own time.” (Ben Ratliff, The New York Times)

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