Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Budos Band @ City Winery Parking Lot 8/11/09

I got there at 5:30 and they were going full force. They check IDs on the way in. It also looked like they weren't allowing people to bring beverages in. The drink line always looked too long for me. It looked like they were selling beer, wine, and Nestle water. I would assume they had soda, too. There was some food that looked good. I just had some $5 watermelon to quench my thirst because there was no line.

The band was good. They are a great band, I just get bored with the same music all the time. They did one new song that smoked. It was worth the entire price of admission. Since it was free, that means the price was going so early and being out in the hot sun. Other than the heat, it was a pleasant spot, for a parking lot. I think they said the song is called "Black Venom". They said it will be on their 3rd album.

Other than that, it seemed like pretty much the same old set they always do. It was fun for a while, but when they started repeating tunes they already played I got bored and decided to leave.

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