Friday, August 21, 2009

BuzzUniverse @ Half Moon 8/20/09

That was a lot of fun. They have evolved very nicely. This is a good band! They even had less people onstage than when I've seen them in the past. It was mainly drums, bass, guitar, and saxes. There was a violin for most of the 2nd half of their set. There was a bass sitin by one of Greg's mentors that was really good.

There were some great moments from each of them. I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

There was an opening band, Jack. Buzz likes to support fellow artists they like hearing, which is a good thing. I wasn't that into them, but they do have potential. They did really get me on the 2nd to last song, though. That was really good. It was more creative and original - they seemed to stretch out. That means they have potential. I wanted to talk about that 2nd song during the intermission. Everyone I talked to liked Jack's set.

Right at the end of the intermission, a killer James Brown song was played that had many of us seriously getting down. It was awesome.

I love The Half Moon. I love dancing into the wobbliness. It is such an awesome little boat. It was rather hot at times, but still a lot of fun.

It was also a very nice crowd. Their crowd is always pretty cool. I'm glad I made it on a music boat before summer ends. It just didn't feel right.

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