Monday, August 17, 2009

Pattitucci/Blade/Lovano @ Dizzy's 8/14/09

I couldn't decide when to go, so I didn't make a res. I was worried, but decided to give it a try for the 2nd set. In spite of wanting to get there early, I arrived in the stand-by line at 9:24. Stragglers with reservations were still arriving, but things looked promising even though there were about 15 people ahead of me in the stand-by line. We all made it in. It looked like anyone who came after me made it as well. It was pretty packed, though.

It was an awesome show. They have a record called "Remembrance" and that's what they were playing from. Its all other people's music. They did one by Freddie Hubbard and then one by Sonny Rollins. Then they funked it up. They brought out a percussionist and John got out the electric bass. It was awesome. Then a few more.

These are 3 of the very very best. I could be blown away with a solo by any of them. I was glad there was so much bass.

I am sooo glad I didn't blow it off. It was amazing and well worth the shlepp.

John Patitucci, Joe Lovano & Brian Blade
Featuring John Patitucci, bass; Joe Lovano, tenor saxophone; Brian Blade, drums

Here's more info about the gig and the CD:

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