Monday, August 17, 2009

Rebith Brass Band + Brother Joscephus & The Love Revival Revolution Orchestra @ Sullivan Hall 8/14/09

I had to wait outside about 15-20 min to get in. I thought about bailing many times, but I was very curious to check out Brother Joscephus. I'm also due for some Rebirth.

I got about 15-20 min of each band. I thought they were going to do a seamless setchange, I saw a tuba coming through while Bro Jo was still on. Alas, it wasn't meant to be.

Bro Jo was fun. Definitely worth catching a whole set sometime. There were a lot of people up there, including 2 female singers with big, gospel voices, drums, bass, keyboards, guitar, and I think 3 horns. The trumpet and trombone were especially good.

Rebirth Brass Band is awesome! They are so talented. I wanted to leave due to the heat and crowdedness, but the music kept me there for a bit. I was also exhausted. I found a "lull", or the closest thing to it in the music and I took it as my chance to escape. It was awesome, though.

Friday August 14th
Rebirth Brass Band
w/ Brother Joscephus & The Love Revival Revolution Orchestra


Samia said...

Heeey thanks for the shout-out! I'm one of the back-up singers with big gospel voices from Brother Joscephus & the Love Revival Revolution Orchestra, and I'm really glad you dug what we do. :) Our next NYC show is Oct 3 at the Highline Ballroom - if you make it out, please come say hi to me. I'm the one with the dark brown hair. Until then, stay righteous! -Samia, a.k.a. Seoul Sistah #1,,

Samia said...
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Seoul Sistah #1 said...

Hahaha sorry, I accidentally posted my comment twice, and with the wrong profile link. Here's the right one. Thanks again! -Samia