Monday, August 31, 2009

Charlie Hunter w/ Brass @ Rose Live 8/30/09

I don’t know what else to say. I’m getting spoiled. It was as great as usual. I really appreciate Charlie more these days and I’m not getting tired of him. I’m glad he’s been around a little more lately.

They didn’t have the little tables in the space this time, but they did have chairs, audience-style facing the stage. I got there right after they started, but was able to get a good standing spot up front and on the side. I couldn’t see perfectly, but good enough and I could hear very well and dance a little. It was awesome. Trombone, trumpet, and Eric Kalb on drums. Eric may be the weakest drummer I’ve seen him play with, but he’s still awesome. He had me going at the drum solos.

For the 2nd set, they ditched the chairs, which was great. I had an up front standing spot.

It was such a great time. The first set was probably over an hour and the 2nd set was an hour. There was no encore. It ended at 11pm.

I love that place and I love the music. I am looking forward to La Buya playing there 9/4 at 11pm!

I just saw that Alan Ferber was supposed to be there on a 2nd trombone. He didn't make it. Too bad, but it was great even so.

Sunday, August 30
Eric Kalb (drums), Eric Biondo (trumpet), Curtis Fowlkes (trombone)

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