Monday, August 24, 2009

The Bad Plus @ Highline 8/21/09

They are always great. Period. I felt like the repertoire was similar to the Vanguard show with Motion, Iverson, and Anderson. It's quite different with David King behind the kit. He's a monster! He's definitely one of my favorite drummers.

The music was excellent. I had a great standing spot at the left side bar and I danced the whole time. I've danced the whole time to them at the Vanguard before, but this was much more pleasant.

I do have to admit I'm probably seeing them too much. I need to scale back on regular TBP shows. I suspect it's the same for them, which is probably why they keep adding new material and having special shows like when they played with Sexmob in Paris or with Kurt Rosenwinkel in NYC.

I definitely preferred Highline to the top-end jazz venues around the city. It makes a good large jazz club.

We could have stayed for the 2nd show for no additional cover. I was pretty satisfied and tired, so that was enough for me.

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