Monday, August 17, 2009

Hunter/Previte @ Rose Live 8/16/09

This was insanely awesome! I got there at around 8:30 and they were already on. They had small round 2-top tables set up in the viewing area. That was different from no seats that Ribot Mother's Day gig. I got a standing/dancing spot close to the front on the left side. 2nd set I got bolder and went in the room just behind the tables to dance. There were a couple of tables around the right side perimeter and then some bar stools around the rest of the perimeter. There were people peering in from the back, but outside the room. It looked like my little 2nd set dancing spot was the only one in the room where no one's view would be obstructed. My 1st set spot was technically out of the room, because it was beyond the stage boundary curtain, but it wasn't really, it was a good spot. Charlie was turned the other way, though. The center spot in the back of the room was much better.

I bought a discounted 2 night pass on-line that day. I didn't want to risk not getting in. I thought this would be the most popular. Now I see all of them are likely to be the same attendance level. Every seat was taken each set and there were people standing around the perimeter. Some were outside the little room, back by the bar.

Its an awesome place and the AC kicked butt.

The music was phenomenal. I always liked Charlie, but I appreciate him so much more. I'm not sure if it was after I sat right in front of him at The Stone or when he switched to the 7-string or both. Whatever, I love him now and can't get enough. I also looove his choice in drummers.

Bobby was as awesome as ever. He's so creative. He has so much to offer. he had me really going. I loved all the drum solos.

These 2 have such an awesome chemistry. They are truly a class act. It ended around 11. It's such and awesome thing and you really should check it out the next 2 weeks while you have the chance.

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