Friday, December 19, 2008

Peter Bernstein group feat. Jimmy Cobb @ Small's 12/18/08

I decided on a plan, Pete Robbins Silent Z at Cornelia St. at 8:30 and then Steven Bernstein at The Stone at 10pm. The only problem was I was off a night for the Cornelia St. gig. I didn't realize it until I got there, at about 8:45ish. I then decided to change gears and go to Small's, still with an idea I might go to The Stone at 10. I got to Small's at 8:55pm and the first band was finishing up. I knew that meant I had no shot at getting to The Stone, but realized that was fine since I was really tired and needed to be alert for work the next day.

I'm happy to report it was a good call. Although, I don't think I could have gone wrong with any of my potentials. As soon as the music started, I realized I was definitely in the mood for some stellar straight-ahead jazz. It was awesome. I wish I caught the names of the bass and piano players because they were great and worthy to be up there with Bernstein and Cobb. I think I've seen Cobb before, but it might have just been he was in the audience at Jazz Standard and didn't sit in. He was great.

I loved the set and I really like Small's. They're pretty laid back and I can dance. The only downside is I stay toward the back so I can dance, and there was some chatter back there. Not a lot, but it always bothers me.

It started at about 9:30 and I decided to leave at 10:20 so I could make my way back to the east side. They do let you stay for as many sets as you want, but I just couldn't do it that night. Another time I would have loved to have stayed for the 2nd set.

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