Sunday, December 14, 2008

L'Orchestre de Contrebasses @ The Connelly Theater 12/14/08

I didn't get my Dec AAJ until this weekend. I think I just fully recovered from Thanksgiving. In spite of all the tempting great things going on, nothing was grabbing me and I was going to stay in. I decided to take a quick look in AAJ and that's when I saw this listing.

It wasn't too far from me, so I rushed down there. I got there at 8:30 and only missed the 1st piece. This was awesome! 6 basses playing excellent music. It was also a performance. I can't wait to watch the DVD! I never buy DVDs, but this was a must have.

There's still time to catch this. It plays through 12/21. Go! I might have to go again. It reminded of the big band in Berlin. Probably because they were wearing all black, the music was great, and they were so entertaining.

They kept moving around into different formations. Sometimes they would all 6 play together, sometimes it would be a subset for all or a portion of a piece.

They were also very entertaining. At one point they were simulating driving a car or a boat or a car to a boat. They did a piece where one guy played in the background and 2 guys were dancing around with their basses in the foreground. My favorite was when they all had the basses upside down in front of them, like "bass people", and were playing the strings more like percussion.

It was really excellent. I highly recommend it.

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