Sunday, December 28, 2008

Club d'Elf @ Crash Mansion 12/27/08

I got there at around 11:40 and they were on. They probably just came on because they played until 1:15am. There were only about 40 people there, most of them sitting. That always amazes me because I know many more would enjoy it. I thought maybe people would come after Mule at Angel Orsanz. I think people just don't know they would like it.

It was great as usual. I was getting annoyed with the talkers. Toward the end, Micro thanked the audience for listening and not talking, so I guess it wasn't that much.

I loved it all and never seem to get tired of their material. They do keep introducing new material, though. I love the soulful tune where Rivard sings a few lines. He doesn't sing much, and I always love soulful singing, just not mediocre singing that dominates the music.

I especially enjoyed the last 45 minutes, but it was all great.

Mat Maneri (elec viola), Brahim Fribgane (voice,oud & perc), Mike Rivard (bass & sintir) & Dean Johnston (drums)

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