Sunday, December 14, 2008

Billy Martin @ The Stone 12/12/08

I could watch a Billy Martin solo all day and all night. I got there at 8:10 and he started 1 minute after that. I had my standing spot, which was the best vantage spot.

He played the drums a lot. He also had a table setup with lots of congs/gongs On his right. On his left he had a suitcase full of small percussion instruments. He played most of it.

There was an intriguing bow/percussion thing. He said its from Brazil and is called a barimbau. It was really cool and I like the sound of the string and percussion together.

He then mentioned he likes to play this other Brazilian instrument and he breaks out a tambourine. That was great. It looks like it was a pandeiro, from this wikipedia entry.

At one point, he broke out 3 thumb pianos and lined them up to play all 3. They looked exactly the same, but sounded a little different.

He played for an hour and then ended. He realized he hadn't played these 2 interesting African-looking small marimba type things. He said he would so something quick and referred to his son. I'm not sure what the connection was, but I enjoyed the piece.

That was great. I realized the next night I had a ticket for Symphony Space I forgot about, but that was great and I was happy for it. I was too tired for anything else, so that was it.

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